Beer Gardens

Join us for refreshments in the NLHG Beer Gardens, served by our friends from Perth Brewery. Wet Your Thistle with their traditionally handcrafted beer, brewed passionately with artful pride from all-natural ingredients.

We may also have some other thirst-quenching surprises up our sleeves!
Come visit us to find out what other local partnerships we’ve been working on.

  • Last-duel-larger

    Last Duel Lager
    4.5% ABV, 12 IBUs

    A light bodied, thirst quenching craft lager with a crisp, clean finish. Great for when you just want a beer!

  • perth-brewery

    Easy Amber
    5% ABV

    The cottage a sacred getaway. Is it a place or state of mind? Take it easy and let this laid-back amber help you decide.

  • grape-fruit-Radler

    Grapefruit Radler
    3.3% ABV

    Long ago on a hot summer day a Bavarian innkeeper was besieged by a slew of thirsty cyclists. Short on beer he cleverly blended it with fruit juice… and the radler (German for cyclist) was born. Our free-wheeling combo of pure grapefruit juice and Last Duel Lager promises to quench thirst and replenish your fluids!

  • grape-fruit-Radler

    Calypso IPA
    4.8% ABV, 42 IBUs

    Welcome to Calypso Island! Hang out here with us for a while. Our days are filled with bright sunny fruits and cool tropical breezes. Enjoy your stay…. You’re on island time now.