The North Lanark Highland Games welcomes champion heavyweight athletes from across Canada and abroad to compete in traditional Highland athletics.

Spectators are welcomed to the grandstands to join in the excitement as athletes display their skills in traditional events such as the Hammer Throw, Weight for Distance, Weight for Height, Sheaf Toss, Stone Throw, and the infamous Caber Toss.

The NLHG has been proud to host the following athletes in past Games and we hope you’ll join us this year to see who will be fighting for the titles in Male Professional, Female Professional and Amateur competitions, while setting Personal Bests and even new World Records.


Birthdate: October 7, 1978

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 245 lbs

Home Town: Greenfield Park, Quebec

Current Town: Dalkeith, Ontario


Tartan: Maclaughlin

Throwing Since: 2008

Accomplishments: Married to Tiffany Dirico with 1 daughter

Personal Bests:

Braemar Stone: 31’10.0″ 22.2lbs.

Open Stone:

Sheaf: 31’2.0″ 0.0lbs.

Caber: 12:0 22’2.0″ 93.0lbs.

Light Weight for Distance: 79’4.0″

Heavy Weight for Distance: 40’4.0″

Light Hammer: 134’4.0″

Heavy Hammer: 115’4.0″

Weight Over Bar: 14’0.0″

Birthdate: 1990

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 280 lbs

Home Town: Blair Atholl, Scotland

Current Town: Ottawa

Occupation: Hydro Millwright

Tartan: Stewart of Appin

Throwing Since: 2006

Accomplishments: Scottish Native Chmpion 2015/2017, 2017 World Caber champion

Personal Bests:

Braemar Stone: 41’0″ 22.0lbs.

Open Stone: 41’0″



Light Weight for Distance: 85’0″

Heavy Weight for Distance: 42’6″

Light Hammer: 146’0″

Heavy Hammer: 119’0″

Weight Over Bar: 15’6″


Height: 6’1″

Weight: 280 lbs

Home Town: Perth-Andover, New Brunswick

Current Town:

Occupation: Customs Officer

Tartan: Ancient Cameron

Throwing Since: 2004


Accomplishments: 4-Time Masters World Champion, 4-Time Canadian Caber Toss Champion

Personal Bests:

Braemar Stone: 40’9.0″ 22.0lbs.

Open Stone: 49’2.0″ 16.4lbs.

Sheaf: 31’0.0″ 16.0lbs.

Caber: 11:15 19’0.0″ 146.0lbs.

Light Weight for Distance: 76’8.5″

Heavy Weight for Distance: 53’0.0″

Light Hammer: 131’5.0″

Heavy Hammer: 106’4.0″

Weight Over Bar: 18’0.0″

Birthdate: October 24, 1984

Height: 6’0″


Home Town: Perth, Ontario

Current Town:


Tartan: Fraser

Throwing Since: 2017

Accomplishments: Canadian Record Holder in Light Weight for Distance and Weight Over Bar (both records set in her first competition, New Brunswick Highland Games in Fredericton, NB.  Track & Field Olympian (2008, 2012)

Personal Bests:

Braemar Stone:

Open Stone: 46’1.0″ 8.2lbs.


Caber: 12:30 16’6.0″ 48.0lbs.

Light Weight for Distance: 78’11.5″

Heavy Weight for Distance: 37’0.5″

Light Hammer: 92’8.0″

Heavy Hammer: 74’5.0″

Weight Over Bar: 17’0.0″